Best Plaid Pants to wear



There is certain occasion will come up in which the fashion rules where require you to wear the best outfit you comfortably want to wear. We often wearing pants that our tops with the basic sweater or on top of shirts we cover up with blazer that looks great. As you could see on my picture, don’t get wrong wearing plaid pants with a crop top and NOT FEEL NAKED. 😊It’s nice mixed of summer and fall. It can easily dress up to look a little bit more fancy with a great pair of heels. Don’t get confuse to match the right color with your plaid pants to keep you looking the best.πŸ‘ I promise this look is the best style to wear in the Philippines if you go with  plaid pants because of the humidity on this country. PLAID PANTS  are sleek and professional yet modern and stylish. If you don’t already own a plaid pants you can shop in Dorothy Perkins and have tones of crop tops in Forever21. Before you will fully set with your outfit make sure to match the long champ hand bag to embellish the total style and it’s available at wicked flower MAZE shop in Ayala Shopping Mall.

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