Way to Wear a Handbag with twilly scarf

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We pay attention on bags, because girls love HANDBAGS and this caught into my attention by surprised , I found way how to make it look elegant to match on my fashion style. TWILLY TWINNING with style and fiddling around and tying it for my handbag, I Immensely in love with the look in my long champ bag twilly.Β  :). This Handbag is available at the AMAZE shop in ayala Mall.Β  We already know how to wear dresses when we go out, but wearing with this particular BLUE FRUITY DOT dress that more looking sophisticated, it feels good in the situation that I am dressing for. The outfit has pleasing personality to look to it.Β  It looks simple and versatile. I like the long sleeve dresses, because it makes me feel more like their character . This is one of my favorite when I go to the mall. This pair of sandal absolutely looks super cute and it feels comfortably to walk with it, because it’s not too high. Don’t forget that color it matters when you pair your shoes to your dress.

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